A passion for happy, productive teams who achieve their own level of excellence

We have a true passion for people.

As diverse as our experiences have been, the GoVox team have one thing in common: we wouldn’t be where we are today without great people investing in us. 

That has developed a true passion for people and a key focus on developing winning teams through healthy, mindful and focused support. 


Read our article now on Connect Sport; find out how GoVox came to be.

We came together in something of a perfect accident and collectively devised GoVox (and other solutions in the future) to enable you to use your talents to focus on supporting your people, in the same way which we have all benefited.

So from Teachers to Team Leaders, from Line Managers to Company Directors, it’s time for you to make a real difference.

We can’t wait to join you on your journey.

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At GoVox our strength comes from a very close relationship with our clients, partners and influencers. Our focus is to ensure things are as simple as possible, freeing up valuable time for Prioritising the Conversations that Matter