Keep connected to your teams and business needs with Pulse surveys and your annual Employee Engagement survey

Make clear decisions supported by data, before it's too late

The survey engine at the heart of GoVox is designed to generate insights ‘before it’s too late’. That principle supports our Wellbeing propositions but is also available to support wider challenges. As a fully managed service it has been described as “Survey Monkey on steroids” and although we don’t condone the use of performance enhancing drugs, we do agree that the extra edge can be quite some advantage, and in today’s busy world, it is an advantage anyone would support.

How can govox Pulse Surveys help?

We have supported a myriad of organisational challenges, from helping manage stock control (with a remote workforce) to supporting community sports clubs getting closer to their members. Whatever the challenge, the process is always simple… 

1. What is your challenge?

2. What do you need to know (real insights that you can measure and act on), and from who?

3. What are the key questions that will give you the clarity you need? (Don’t worry, at govox we are experts at this and will help you get to the right outcome by asking the right questions, in the right way).

And then let govox do its magic!

Need a Pulse Survey?

Employee Engagement Surveys

Running an annual ‘Employee Engagement’ survey has become the norm for many organisations. It is that ‘point in time’ temperature check across your business to understand, from the people that know best, where your strengths and weaknesses lie. The organisational equivalent of ‘looking in the mirror’ can be quite daunting, and unfortunately we hear far too often that the critical focus is “How many people have completed it!” We think that’s madness and an issue that the GoVox system takes off your hands. Either as a stand alone activity, or ideally linked to the more regular ‘GoVox Wellbeing Check In’, our unique (and simple) system drives high engagement (+80%).

This means you can focus on what really matters; the key insights, trends and areas of opportunity to drive your business forward.

  • Annual Survey
  • Recognised 5.0 scoring (to enable external benchmarking)
  • Designed to support your business and people
  • Wellbeing Check-In themes can be linked

At GoVox our strength comes from a very close relationship with our clients, partners and influencers. Our focus is to ensure things are as simple as possible, freeing up valuable time for Prioritising the Conversations that Matter