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People are struggling with their mental health in education today

  • More than 1 in 10 children aged 10-15 say they have no one to talk to or wouldn’t talk to anyone in school if they feel worried or sad. This is the same proportion of children who have a diagnosable mental health problem*
  • Research shows that 50% of mental health problems are established by the age of 14 and 75% are established by age 24*
  • Young people in the UK are dealing with high levels of stress. This is largely due to pressure to succeed, body image and exams. This has been compounded by the recent global pandemic
  • Teachers are often forgotten when it comes to wellbeing solutions for schools. They need support too!

*Stats from

Step One: Your team member receives an invite to ‘Check In’.
Step two: They answer a set of friendly, non-intrusive Wellbeing questions designed by experts.
Step three: You receive insight from their answers via our unique Online Wellbeing Dashboard.
Step four: You know who requires your support and in what key areas.

Manage Stress

GoVox helps to identify areas of stress in your school or college. If you’re aware of what causes stress, you’re better-equipped to manage it. Leaving your staff and students happier and enabling them to achieve better.

Gain Regular Feedback

Exams are good, but what do they tell you about the personal circumstances of your staff or students? GoVox helps you understand how people are feeling through data and allocate support where it is needed most.

Create Healthy Cultures

It’s healthy to talk; sharing feelings; valuable insight. Without being asked, many people won’t share, unless of course it’s through a mobile device. GoVox creates a culture of sharing and supporting one-another.

Save Money

Save on the costs of poor mental health to your school. Reduce staff sick days. Increase teaching productivity. Reduce presenteeism and absenteeism. Hold onto your teachers for longer.

School testimonials

Whilst in school, our pupils complete a monthly wellbeing survey supplied by ‘GoVox’, a wellbeing and mental health self-checker. Given the change to our environment, this will now be a weekly survey which we will ask our pupils to complete. They are very familiar with the concept and the results this has given us so far to detect issues early have been invaluable. We encourage all our pupils to take their time with this and complete it thoughtfully and sensibly – a chance for them to pause and reflect on their emotions during these unsettling times will be key.

Sedbergh School

GoVox has been an invaluable tool to ISZN. The ability to tailor make questions on a monthly basis and get feedback from every student in the school really lets us see the impact that we are making, where students are feeling vulnerable, and also if any trends in behaviour are developing that we need to address. We are often able to be proactive in addressing issues before they become entrenched. It is also wonderful to hear when our students are doing well.

The Go Vox team is also incredibly flexible when it comes to questions and responses. I am able to adjust the questions monthly to get more accurate feedback that better reflects the situation in the school at that time. It also provides an outlet for students to ask immediately for assistance if needed, something that is incredibly difficult to manage without the tool. The staff aspect in particular is useful - very often staff members don't have time to check in or feel comfortable sharing their very real concerns in person, and this is a way to flag issues early and provide support.

I cannot recommend GoVox enough as part of our wider pastoral approach and have been very thankful for the insight and support the system has provided.

Sandra Price, Head of Middle Years, ISZN Secondary

As well as talking to staff, students have been using the GoVox wellbeing app to reflect on how they are feeling. The information is fed back to staff, who can then identify anyone requiring additional support. Usually, the feedback would be monitored monthly; during lockdown, it was checked weekly, with staff as well as students reporting on their wellbeing.

Sedbergh School

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