Mental Health Wellbeing Tool for Sports & Social Clubs

Supporting your members and 'Prioritising the conversations that matter'

At govox, we have learned, through experience, that the simple ‘Check in’ is often all it takes to discover if people are happy, the issues they may be experiencing and how better to provide timely, adequate and appropriate support.

Sports & Social clubs aren’t just about the sport they play, or the social activity they promote, they are about their membership and we often hear them referred to as ‘their club family’. govox is designed to uniquely support that relationship; being a member of a club is a special thing and supporting your members’ Wellbeing and Mental Health is a key priority.

Let’s talk about improving Mental Health & Wellbeing at your club

How it works

Step One

The club member receives an invite to 'Check In'.

Step Two

They answer a set of wellbeing questions, designed by experts.

Step Three

You receive insight from their answers via our unique Online Wellbeing Dashboard; we will send you log in details.

Step Four

You know more about who needs your support and in what key areas.

govox was born from experiences at a local, grassroots, sports club. The ability to simply ‘Check In’ with the membership and ensure that members are supported, when they need it, is an invaluable service. From the more severe cases of suicide or attempted suicide, through the spectrum of Mental Health challenges and down to simply the ‘Happiness’ of your membership, the govox Wellbeing Check In will help you ‘Prioritise the Conversations that Matter’. 

Annual Subscription

Sports Club Package Features
  • Fully managed service
  • Regular monthly Check Ins
  • Access to questions designed by experts
  • Personalised Online Wellbeing dashboard
  • Individual Happiness score
  • Full insight (built from responses)

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At GoVox our strength comes from a very close relationship with our clients, partners and influencers. Our focus is to ensure things are as simple as possible, freeing up valuable time for Prioritising the Conversations that Matter