Saving,Changing,Improving lives by helping you prioritise the conversations that matter.


Step One: Your team member receives an invite to ‘Check In’.
Step two: They answer a set of friendly, non-intrusive Wellbeing questions designed by experts.
Step three: You receive insight from their answers via our unique Online Wellbeing Dashboard.
Step four: You know who requires your support and in what key areas.

Manage Stress

GoVox helps to identify areas of stress in your sports team/club. If you’re aware of what causes stress, you’re better-equipped to manage it. Leaving your people happier and able to perform better.

Gain Regular Feedback

Not everyone can have the time they need with coaches or support staff. To really make a difference, you have to regularly ‘Check In’ with your people. GoVox helps you prioritise these conversations through data and allocate support where it is needed most.

Create Healthy Cultures

It’s healthy to talk; sharing feelings; valuable insight. Without being asked, many people won’t share, especially if they are focusing heavily on sport performance. GoVox creates a culture of sharing and supporting one-another.

Save Money

Save on the costs of poor mental health to your sports club. Increase participation and membership. Reduce presenteeism at training. Hold onto your club members and staff for longer.

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Customer testimonials

We use GoVox to support the Palace for Life Foundation staff. With around 41 employees, it’s a really easy way to engage and support. Additionally it has provided an opportunity to reach out to furloughed staff. Even from the first couple of check-ins, we have directly been able to support individuals so it’s been very effective so far.

Duncan Robinson, Head of HR and Business Support, Palace for Life Foundation

The Club’s Academy has been utilising GoVox for the past few months to engage with its Academy players, in order to help assess their wellbeing. The platform has been a vital tool in the management of our young players wellbeing, particularly during the current climate of COVID-19

Alex Tunbridge, CEO Stevenage FC

We have found GoVox really valuable in being able to monitor people that we don’t see every day, understand and sense check their mental wellness and highlight any issues. It’s a really helpful platform for picking out people that may benefit from a chat and is a very useful tool in terms of managing and supporting wellbeing.

Diane Elliot, Sport Science Sport Medicine Manager

GoVox focuses on enabling ‘actionable insights’ so that small changes early on can make a BIG difference, before it’s too late.

Richard Lucas, CEO & Co-Founder, GoVox

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