The online mental wellbeing evaluation and maintenance tool for students

Providing you with information about where your support is needed most, whilst providing your students with the environment to flourish

In schools and colleges today we have ever-improving networks that effectively engage with students and support their mental wellbeing. But it is a growing challenge…

Bullying (both offline and increasingly online)
Peer Pressure
Exam Stress
Social Pressure
External Factors

These are all adding to the mix that can make growing up quite daunting for many young students.

At govox we pride ourselves in delivering systems and tools that will enable quicker, targeted and therefore more effective interventions by you, the experts

The heart of our system is designed with the student in mind – their interaction is quick, simple and via their smartphone. We don’t want to intrude into their lives, we just want the opportunity to ‘check-in’ on their terms and use the data to help people who support them.

Our Wellbeing ‘Check In’ is designed by Mental Health experts to do just that – it won’t replace your current interactions with students but it will supply you with key INSIGHT into which students need you most.

We want to give you the freedom (and the time) to make the difference.

Time to make things better?

Student Wellbeing Testimonials

At GoVox our strength comes from a very close relationship with our clients, partners and influencers. Our focus is to ensure things are as simple as possible, freeing up valuable time for Prioritising the Conversations that Matter