Supporting employees’ wellbeing through the impact of COVID-19 and times of uncertainty

Amidst many messages, advice, opinions and predictions, there is a great deal of uncertainty for people. It’s a stressful, anxious time. There’s no clear legislation surrounding mental health at work to help you make an obvious call; what can you do to support your employees through all this?

The GoVox Wellbeing Check In makes it easy to support your teams

The GoVox Check In can help you to understand who requires support, and in what key areas

Step One

Your employee receives an invite to 'Check-In'.

Step Two

They answer a set of friendly, non-intrusive Wellbeing questions designed by experts.

Step Three

You receive insight from their answers via our unique Online Wellbeing Dashboard.

Step Four

You know who requires your support and in what key areas.

With regards to workplace wellbeing, the coronavirus situation presents key challenges; we’re here to tell you how you can begin to support your employees in this uncertain time.

It’s important to understand how your people are feeling, and what you can specifically do to support them:

  • Do your staff members understand what they’re expected to do
  • Do they have the right tools to do it
  • Are they coping?

Your employee can Check In quickly and easily using their smartphone. You monitor their responses in the ‘Dashboard’

Check In with your employees to provide regular, proactive wellbeing support

Innovative Dashboard

  • Red flags show who needs support and in what key areas
  • Access data by user group/team
  • Change data period to easily compare changes over time
  • Listen to the voice of your employees with ‘free text’ responses
  • Fully GDPR compliant

Bespoke & Fully Managed

  • Your logo is used on all comms
  • We take care of all onboarding and help with question creation
  • We send out the Check Ins on your behalf
  • You (and your managers) simply monitor responses in our easy-to-use ‘Dashboard’

Ongoing Support

  • Change users when employees change teams, or leave
  • Change the schedule around key events 
  • Ask the GoVox team for advice or help any time

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