Pepper’s commitment to good mental health is not new, however the prevailing changes in the world over the last couple of months have meant that in order to continue our already very strong offering, we needed to consider how we made available opportunities and choices to our people to access both resources and support in the pursuit of wellbeing. It was simply not acceptable for us to let that sustained commitment slide during the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, when our people need more support than ever. This is why the check-in tool offered by GoVox is absolutely essential to help us remain connected with our people while we are all socially distanced, when we are acutely aware that many may be suffering from significantly-increased stress levels than usual. Pepper is proud to partner with GoVox in the pursuit of good mental health and regular engagement with our people. Claire Lish, Director of Human Resources, Pepper UK

Claire Lish, Director of Human Resources, Pepper UK Tweet

The Club’s Academy has been utilising GoVox for the past few months to engage with its Academy players, in order to help assess their wellbeing. The platform has been a vital tool in the management of our young players wellbeing, particularly during the current climate of COVID-19

Alex Tunbridge, CEO, Stevenage Football Club Tweet

We’re delighted to be teaming up with GoVox to create a culture for positive mental health and ensuring we prioritise that within our work. After an introduction by the Herts Sports Partnership, it was very clear, very quickly that the platform would add tremendous value to the Foundation. Our staff and FND students will all have access to the platform and we hope that we can roll it out to some of our beneficiary groups in the future.

Joe Goode, CEO, Stevenage FC Foundation Tweet